Apple Pay™


Available for Can-Am Payment Systems merchants in the United States only. Canadian merchants please subscribe to our newsletter for more details.

Integrated Token Services

Consumers are already using their mobile devices to pay at point-of-sale terminals. Now, when your cardholders make purchases using Apple Pay™, you can ensure their transactions are securely protected using Can-Am Payment Systems’ powerful token services technology. Be prepared to offer any type of contactless transaction with more convenience, security and payment options than ever before


Benefits for Financial Institutions

Can-Am Payment Systems’ Integrated Token Services brings safety and security to mobile, online and point-of-sale transactions. Our token processing services facilitate tokenized transactions that support your credit and debit token processing solutions. Can-Am Payment Systems processes token transactions regardless of transaction type or brand. Payment tokenization, or token processing, is part of a comprehensive security program to protect cardholder data during a transaction. As tokenization becomes increasingly common in payments, Can-Am Payment Systems is enabling the solutions you need to offer your customers the convenience and security they want. Can-Am Payment Systems has been handling token transactions for several years and as tokenization evolves, we are adding features to our systems and products to ensure token processing works seamlessly.

  • Safer transactions for cardholders utilizing state-of-the-art security technology
  • Reduces the risk of data breach and fraud losses
  • Leading product innovation for cardholders to use your brand as the payment type in their digital wallets
  • Innovation enabling payment choice – when, how and with their chosen method
  • Strong history in supporting tokenization

Key Components

  • Issuer defined decisioning on which accounts qualify to be tokenized
  • Activate, suspend and deactivate tokens at Issuer discretion
  • Ongoing token maintenance and front line issue resolution services
  • Onboarding services for Token Service Providers (TSP)
  • The STAR® Network is one of the first PIN debit networks to provide the STAR® Token Exchange Service that accepts iPhone® 6 transactions
  • Can-Am Payment Systems’ TSP solution will generate tokens and maintains the mapping between the token and the account number.

For more information, use the appropriate telephone number below:
Financial Institutions: +1 800-337-1222
STAR® Network: +1 800-866-7827