At The Counter

VeriFone® Vx820 Duet – NEW!

Verifone 820
Visa / MasterCard / American Express / Discover Card / JCB / Interac

The Challenge

When choosing a point-of-sale (POS) terminal, affordability, reliability and functionality are all important features to consider. Merchants want a terminal that has the capability to accept today’s electronic payment. Finding a reliable terminal that enables a merchant to control costs, while also keeping pace with the changing needs of their business, is often difficult.

Comprehensive Features

VeriFone® Vx820 Duet offers an all-in-one countertop payment solution designed to process all types of payments, including contactless, chip and magnetic swipe transactions. Its lightweight, dual-user functionality offers merchants and customers alike speedy payments, comfort and security.

Here’s How it Works

Vx820 Duet enables a merchant to accept virtually every payment option, including debit and credit cards such as Visa®, MasterCard®, Interac®, Diners Club®/enRoute, American Express®, Discover® and JCB.® With support from First Data, installation is simple and takes just a few minutes per terminal. The Vx820 provides connectivity via traditional analogue telephone line or via Internet(IP) with telephone backup.

For added protection against fraud and identity theft, Vx820 Duet provides flexible, secure encryption and authentication of applications, and meets current security standards, including PCI PED v3.

Help Your Business

  • Accept virtually all contactless, chip and magnetic stripe payment options
  • Control costs with a combination terminal and printer
  • Transaction set includes sale, refund and correction(void)
  • Pre-authorization and pre-authorization completion for credit cards
  • Fast transaction throughput with high-speed internet(IP) connectivity and built in telephone line backup
  • Robust tip functionality
  • Ergonomic design that saves counter space

Help Your Customers

  • Minimize key entry errors and increase speed with a lightweight PIN pad with large keypad
  • Built-in Contactless acceptance reduces transaction times and checkout queuing